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The majority of companies rely heavily on business broadband. Whether you’re a sole trader, running a small to medium enterprise, or in big business, it’s likely that you use the internet daily for communication, collaborative working, and to help streamline business processes.

Whatever you use it for, you need to ensure that your business broadband connection is reliable, and that you get the service you need and which offer you the best range of services. However, while looking for a good [cheap] deal, you also need to ensure you are a getting the level of service your company requires especially if a good broadband service is business critical.

As a business user, you will most likely have different requirements to a home broadband user. The obvious possibilities are that you may need a faster connection, with a larger download or upload limit than you would be able to get with a domestic package. But it doesn’t stop there – you will probably also have requirements for a package with better support, better security, and more flexibility.

That’s where business broadband comes in. Our broadband providers offer packages deliberately designed for businesses, with the specific needs of office broadband use in mind.

And even if you’re not a business user, sometimes business broadband can still work out to be your best bet – if you have a number of users under one roof, for example – in particular users who favour TV or video streaming, or online gaming and the like. As an additional bonus for gamers, most of our business broadband providers will offer a static IP – if you want to set up a gaming server yourself, this should be the first thing that you look out for.

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Main considerations

  • Speed and download limits
  • Support
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Range of services

Business Router

Why choose business broadband?

There are lots of reasons to consider a dedicated business broadband deal. We've broken them up into some of the key areas below:

  • Speed and download limits. As mentioned, broadband for business packages are often a little more generous with their download limits, and may offer faster connection speeds (up to 24Mb through a standard  telephone line, 40Mb on BT’s fibre network or up to 100Mb on cable). You may also want to look at upload speeds. Some ISPs will guarantee a good upload speed, which can be crucial if you need to transfer or upload a lot of large files, or have people accessing your office server remotely from outside the office.
  • Support. One of the attractive features of business broadband packages is the extra support that will be available in case of problems. Your business probably depends pretty heavily on your broadband connection, and there can be nasty consequences of outages, up to and including lost business. With office broadband you will usually be given a free-phone support number you can contact 24-7. All providers have SLA’s – Service Level Agreements - a guaranteed timescale in which problems have to be fixed.
  • Scalability. As your business grows, you’ll need your broadband package to be able to keep pace. Business broadband packages often feature several levels, catering to everyone from the person running their business at home, to small business broadband with multiple users, networking requirements and so on. If your requirements get bigger, there will be a bigger office broadband package to suit.
  • Security. Malware, viruses, hackers and so on – while a relatively small risk – are a potential problem for all internet users - but for a business a major security breach could be ruinous. With this in mind, many broadband packages come with better security features than the standard domestic package, to ensure that your hardware, software and data are all secure.
  • Range of services. Running a business, the chances are that you’ll want to be able to do things with your connection that you just can’t do with domestic broadband due to its restrictions. For example, you might want to run email servers or web servers, which you can’t do with domestic broadband because the ports required are usually blocked and because a static IP address is required. Business broadband is designed to allow all these sorts of extras. And in addition, an office broadband package may include free web space, email accounts, wireless routers or modems, access to Wi-Fi hotspots and more.
  • Hardware. If you have a large number of people connecting to the internet, you will find that a standard router or modem probably won't cut it. The kind of standard Wi-Fi router you'll get on a home broadband deal may be able to cope with about five or six connections; even if you only have five or six staff, this could be a problem. You may have extra machines such as laptops that need to be connected, as well as devices such as smartphones that connect over Wi-Fi too. We can make sure your hardware needs are met too.