Your Hybrid Broadband

What is Hybrid?

Our Hybrid service allows upload and download speeds that most traditional services cannot.

By combining traditional broadband services such as ADSL2+ and Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) with newer technologies, such as satellite, EFM and 4G, Hybrid offers a unique connectivity solution that combines speed, service and network resilience at an affordable price for the customer.

Get your digital infrastructure into the fast lane.

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  • Tailored bandwidth solutions using the latest available technology
  • Upgradable, resilient solutions - as standard
  • Managed virtual private network solutions, with best in class encryption
  • Prioritise voice or data services on our network
  • Access business improvement tools denied to those on low broadband speeds

Why do people buy?

The most obvious example of this is that when a customer has a business improvement tool available that they wish to use, but the quality and quantity of connectivity required is not available, they will be denied access to this tool, while other companies with better quality and quantity of connectivity are not. Onwave offers the opportunity to significantly improve customers’ connectivity, thus enabling business improvement tools to be implemented.

Some of these business improvement tools will deliver significant cost savings to your business - therefore a small investment in your connectivity infrastructure releases potentially significant savings to your operating costs

If you are able to provide improved connectivity to your own customers, this may well be a service you could charge for. Or even provide free as part of your sales strategy to generate and unlock other business opportunities.

Our Research and Development teams are working today on tomorrow’s next step on the connectivity journey. We are determined to provide the essential foundations to our customers, upon which the journey to unified comms will be built.

Whilst we would prefer customers to choose our services independently as a significant improvement, we are aware that we may simply be a better option than your current provider, increasing your quality, capacity and speed at a dramatically competitive rate.

Hybrid, beyond hi-speed broadband