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Mobile Monitor is Crystal Ball's handset monitoring application which is available as either a stand alone product or as a bolt-on with Mobile Track. This app goes beyond the traditional information provided by itemised bills from the mobile networks which only provide historical outgoing call and text information details, monthly in arrears.

In addition, Mobile Monitor now monitors and automatically alerts businesses when employees break the law and do not use hands-free whilst using a mobile and driving.

Mobile Monitor is the first app available which reports in real time on all call and text information on the mobile handset. Mobile Monitor's call log report includes all dialled calls, received calls, missed calls, with time and date stamp, and can be used to see when the mobile is being operated whilst on the move.

A feature that has never been provided by the mobile networks is the content of all text messages being received and sent. Mobile Monitor's text log

report shows the full content of all sent and received text messages with time and date stamp and can be used to see if text messaging is being sent or received whilst on the move.

The alarms feature can be used to alert employers to users making or receiving calls or texts from specific numbers. This powerful app is invaluable when this information is required.

Mobile Monitor provides employers with all the necessary evidence in respect of any HR issues and also addresses their duty of care obligations by regulating behaviour of employees using mobile phones when driving. Mobile Monitor will make users instantly responsible for their call and text behaviour, which should lead to increased productivity, and decreased handset misuse. It also addresses compliance with company policies and UK corporate legislation:

Mobile Monitor is another proven essential app from Crystal Ball that helps businesses increase productivity, profitability and addresses the ever tightening legislation.

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  • Addresses employer duty of care - making calls / texts whilst driving, complying with legislation
  • Data kept on system for 3 months and can be downloaded
  • Eliminates / controls personal call and text traffic
  • Handset misuse decreases - saving costs
  • Increased productivity (managing calls)
  • Real time access to all call and text traffic
  • Shows all dialled, received and missed calls with time and date stamp
  • Shows full content of sent and received text messages with time and date stamp

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